Legal services

Legal services

While performing business activity, entrepreneurs meet with a situation in which the existing provisions in the company's agreement or even the legal form in which they operate cease to meet their expectations. It also happens that board members or partners want to withdraw from the company.
Let us help you! Describe your problem and we will present to you the suitable offer and time of the realization.
1Registration of changes in companies
  • Change of the Management Board
  • Change of partners
  • Change of the business activity (PKD)
  • Change of head office
  • Change of name
  • Other
2Increasing the share capital
While performing business activity, it often turns out that initial capital established at the beginning turns out to be too low. This may be due to e.g. willingness to recapitalize the company, the accession of a new partner or image reasons. Then, the shareholders decide to increase the share capital. Our specialists will help you carry out this process quickly and efficiently.
3Liquidation of companies
Business reality is often difficult to plan. That is why during the performance of your business, it may turn out that the partners decide to terminate the company. Our specialists will help you deal with all formalities related to the liquidation of the company.
4Securing the interests of partners
The company ... is usually a contract between at least two people. Therefore, it is worth making a solid agreement at the very beginning The provisions should reflect the arrangements and expectations of each of the partners. It is said that contracts are made for "bad times". Let us secure your business.
5Making a contribution
Are you planning to transfer a property or other asset to the company? Contribution of other things than money can bring many benefits. Call us, we will inform you about everything.
Do you run a sole proprietorship and would like to take advantage of other, more secure legal forms, but you are worried that opening a company will involve starting all over again? It's not true. Take advantage of the solution provided by the transformation, thanks to which you will maintain the continuity of your business. Our lawyers will explain all issues and help you through this process with full comfort for you and your co-workers. What is important, we can transform not only a sole proprietorship, but also a company into another company!
Our team is open to new challenges, passionate about the law, fond of innovative issues requiring a strategic approach and interdisciplinary knowledge. We have specialists not only in the field of law, but also in the field of economics and management, that is why we can look for practical solutions for your business, good and effective.

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